Accessible homes for disabled

Build or reform houses and convert it in accessible homes for disabled

Homes for disabled are accessible homes adapted to your physical needs. A team of physiotherapists who works together with an architect, an architectural technician, a lawyer and a constructor. All of them specialized in customizing accessible homes for  disabled. We also take advice from a hospital and a polyclinic which are well-recognized in the area.

We will help you make your home safe and comfortable so that you can live independently. Our association is based in Moraira, on the Costa Blanca, Spain. We provide and coordinate health, legal and administrative services based on your physical condition and personal needs.

By experience we know what kind of accessibility, mobility and safety problems disabled and seniors can have at home. Often people buy a house without thinking about what their physical condition might be in the future. They buy or built a dream house which turns out to be a nightmare, simply because they think their physical condition will always stay the same. It’s because we know that, we help to get homes for disabled.

Free information, advice and intake

During your information visit, if desired, a free medical intake can take place. You will get information about the construction process, the building and wheelchair-friendly design, legal advice and a full medical assessment. As well you get information from the architect or architectural technician. There will be a team reunion and you will get a personalized advice inform.

Why this website?

Take a tour by this website. You will find very interesting information based in our experience in homes for disabled. We have spent many years helping disabled people to feel better about themselves, helping them to be more self-sufficient and now we are publishing all that knowledge. The real reason why we have created this website is to keep helping disabled people to be happier.

Concept of Accessible Villas Association

Read about how we can help you.

Procedure Steps for Building Homes for Disabled

The way we work, step by step.

Orthopedic Aids to include in Homes for Disabled

Some tips on what your home could have.