Accessible Pools

If you have a pool at home, but can not use it because of your disability, you have several ways to solve this problem.

The best solution, if pool is already built, is to use a hoist. The hoist is composed of an articulated arm that is coupled to a chair so that, you sit on the outside of the pool and can drive the arm to immerse the seat into the water.

The usefulness of hoists is undeniable as they allow safe use to anyone whatever their level of disability is

You can find several types of hoists. Some are fixed and some are mobile. In the picture below you can see that this model has wheels to move so allows you to access to the pool from everywhere. Wheels help to protect the device from the elements because, if you’re not going to use it for a long time, you can put it indoor in order to extend its life.

Another option may be to build an access ramp that allows you to descend to the water with your wheelchair. If you do not need a wheelchair but has limited mobility, the ramp will let you to access water easily and safely.


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